Vision and Mission

Languishing crafts find a patron

Traditional or folk art is a reflection of history and cultural roots of a society. But with time such art and craft has lost its glory and simplicity against the fast pace of modern world. Across India, traditional folk art and culture face threat of extinction. Lifestyle changes have deprived the folk art forms of their context, traditional promoters and audience.

Surajkund International crafts Mela aims to revive and revitalize such vanishing folk art forms as a means of sustainable livelihood by bring such artisans to the limelight. This very foundation and the purpose of Surajkund International Crafts Mela makes it stand apart from the other art and culture fairs. It offers an enlightening interface between the visitors and the practitioners of languishing crafts. As the patron of these fading arts and crafts, the Mela goes many steps ahead to bring visitors from all generations close to these crafts persons. 

The vision is to rejuvenate the dying folk art forms on the verge of extinction, facilitate perpetuation of skills and make them more acceptable for present day audience.


The entire outlook of the Mela is designed to bring to life a rural ambience. It is envisioned and created like a village encapsulating the myriad colours of arts, crafts and traditions of India. The pathways are planned to reflect the traditional Galis (streets) of the Indian villages.

Similarly the work-zones of the artisans are designed with thatched roof huts to lend an authentic rural look and feel. As the vision was to promote the crafts of the economically weak artisans of India from far flung corners of all the States, the Mela ambience intended to mirror the rural life associated with Indian villages.

Apart from art and craft, there is a gamut of other activities tailored for the entire family. There are designated places for amusement, adventure sports and joy rides to make it a must visit event for especially for the young. The mela has a spirit that brings people from diverse cultures at one place and encourages a free flow of thoughts and ideas. Organising Agency

The Mela is jointly organised, hosted & executed by the Surajkund Mela Authority in collaboration with the Union Ministries of Tourism, Textiles, Culture, External Affairs, Department of Tourism, Government of Haryana and Haryana Tourism Corporation. This festival has come to occupy a place of utmost prominence on the international tourist calendar, attracting more than a million domestic and foreign visitors during the Mela fortnight.


o recognise and reward such talent is one of the key foundations of the Surajkund International Mela. The most skilled artisans and craftspersons are awarded by bestowing upon them five different categories of awards. These prestigious awards are given to artisans and crafts person from India as well as abroad for their skill and proficiency in traditional art forms. The selection procedure involves constitution of a committee of eminent personalities in the field of arts and crafts. The selection is specific to the areas of promotion of heritage crafts. Most beautifully improvised craft, craft for promotion of national/state heritage etc.

"Paramparagat" hold the highest stature amongst the awards given to artisans from India. ‘Kala Ratna’ is given to foreign as well as Indian craftspersons for their skills in traditional art and craft. ‘Kala Mani’ and ‘Kala Nidhi’ is the honour bestowed on the craftsperson for their inimitable skills in arts and crafts. ‘Kala Shree’ is the award given to a craftsperson for innovation in their crafts. Hence, Each award is a distinction in skill and recognition for the contribution towards preserving age old crafts.