Concept - Theme State

In 1989, the concept of Theme State was introduced for the first time and it has become a major high point of the Mela ever since. The concept of Theme State was conceptualized broadly with a view to promote art, craft and cuisine of every state of India with special focus being on one particular State every year. The aim is to showcase the finest folk traditions of a particular State and thereby alleviating the living standard of its artisans & folk artistes.

Artists, weavers and craftspersons from the theme state are given work huts to exhibit the best of their crafts. The Theme State brings a right mix of handicraft artisans and craftspersons from the domain of handlooms. Over 300 artistes and cultural performers from the theme state present enthralling recitals/performances and display handicrafts representing the distinctive traditions of the state during the entire event.

Interestingly, the Theme State gets the opportunity to decorate its allotted area in its own ethnic style. This space definitely stands out as it wears a unique ambience depicting the culture & ethos of the Theme State. The Theme State also creates a semi-permanent structure known as ‘Apna Ghar’ meaning ‘our home’ where a traditional family of the State resides for the entire fortnight of the Mela. The visitors come face-to-face with the lifestyle, social mores and customs of the people of that particular state.