Concept - Partner Nation

As the popularity grew so did the scale of the Surajkund Mela. The Mela was lent a global appeal in 2009 with Egypt being the first focus nation for the 23rd edition of the Mela. The Mela was rechristened ‘Surajkund International crafts Mela’ when Thailand was introduced as the first partner nation in the 26th edition in 2012.

The prominence of the Surajkund Mela was scaling new heights, as more and more foreign countries were vying to participate in the Mela to showcase their culture, crafts and cuisines. With participation of Egypt, came in a new wave of international artists, craftsmen and cultural fare. Thus, Opening a new vista for foreign nations to present their art and culture and their number grew by the year.

Indian audience was thus, introduced to traditions of exotic lands and treated with finest crafts and cuisines. The international addition was well received by the visitors, as the fair now became a diverse mix of both local and international talent on a single platform. Many countries like south East Asia, African nations, countries of central Asia to New Zealand have been part of this grand venture.

he Partner Nation brings their best artisans from the field of handlooms & handicrafts. From woven carpets, delightful earthenware, vivid paintings to intricate fabrics, each nation has something equally captivating to offer. Apart from the traditional crafts a number of folk artistes for these nations participate with full fervor. The enchantment of the Mela is heightened with with their folk songs and dances depicting tales from across the seas. To add to the already simmering flavours master chefs from various participating countries present a medley of exquisite traditional cuisines to pamper the taste buds of food enthusiasts. This unique blend Indian folk ambience and international ethos, offers a truly enriching experience to the visitors.