A Fair to Remember

Surajkund International Crafts Mela is a highly acclaimed world’s biggest crafts fair. It is a mosaic of India’s diversity and a kaleidoscopic celebration of crafts, music and rhythm, art and culture from across the world. Indulge in shopping of authentic traditional crafts, handicrafts and handlooms, witness the folk performances or delve into the culinary treats from far corners of the globe. It is all here at Surajkund Mela.

It is a one of its kind experience where you get to interact with skilful and dexterous artists who showcase their talents with their magnificent handicrafts items in the majestic rural backdrop.

As you wander in the meandering lanes of the fair, you are taken back in time, when life was simple, as you witness the entire landscape dotted with thatched huts, rural folks in traditional attires, hear languages from across the country and the world, the experience is simply transcending.  The performance areas, food courts and entertainment zones also bring a splash of celebration to the ambiance.